SCA 2018 will take place at CNRS Délégation Paris Michel-Ange, grand auditorium Marie-Curie (more info).

SCA 2018 is scheduled to start on July 11th around 12pm, and finish on July 13th in the beginning of the afternoon.


  • Official beginning: Wednesday 11th, 12:00.
  • Official end: Friday 13th, 13:30.


Invited Speakers (more info)

  • J.P. Lewis, SEED Electronic Arts [Thursday 12th, 11:00-12:00]
  • Mark Meyer, Pixar Animation Studios [Friday 13th, 11:00-12:00]

Paper session details

[Information for presenters]

Session 1 (Wed. 11th, 13:30-15:00): Contact, Cloth, Collisions

Session Chair: Kenny Erleben

  • Cable Joints. Matthias Müller, Stefan Jeschke, Nuttapong Chentanez, Miles Macklin.
  • Projective Motion Correction with Contact Optimization (TVCG). Sukwon Lee, Sung-Hee Lee.
  • Collision-Aware and Online Compression of Rigid Body Simulations via Integrated Error Minimization. Timothy Jeruzalski, John Kanji, Alec Jacobson, David Levin.
  • Time-Domain Parallelization for Accelerating Cloth Simulation. Junbang Liang, Ming Lin.

Session 2 (Wed. 11th, 15:30-17:00): Coupled Fluids

Session Chair: Matthias Teschner

  • Distributing and Load Balancing Sparse Fluid Simulations. Chinmayee Shah, David Hyde, Hang Qu, Philip Levis.
  • Coupled Fluid Density and Motion from Single Views. Marie-Lena Eckert, Wolfgang Heidrich, Nils Thuerey.
  • A Skinned Tetrahedral Mesh for Hair Animation and Hair-Water Interaction (TVCG). Minjae Lee, David Hyde, Michael Bao, Ronald Fedkiw.
  • An Efficient Solver for Two-way Coupling Rigid Bodies with Incompressible Flow. Mridul Aanjaneya.

Session 3 (Thu. 12th, 9:00-10:30): Humans

Session Chair: Ronan Boulic

  • Learning Physically Based Humanoid Climbing Movements. Kourosh Naderi, Amin Babadi, Perttu Hämäläinen.
  • Robust Physics-based Motion Retargeting with Realistic Body Shapes. Mazen Al Borno, Eugene Fiume, Michael Black, Javier Romero, Ludovic Righetti, Scott Delp.
  • User-Guided Lip Correction for Facial Performance Capture. Dimitar Dinev, Thabo Beeler, Derek Bradley, Moritz Baecher , Xu Hongyi, Ladislav Kavan.
  • Realtime Performance Driven Physical Simulation for Facial Animation (CGF). V. Barrielle, N. Stoiber.

Session 4 (Thu. 12th, 13:30-15:00): Fabrication & Strokes

Session Chair: Ladislav Kavan

  • Computational design of transformables. Ye Yuan, Changxi Zheng, Stelian Coros.
  • Chunked Bounding Volume Hierarchies for Fast Digital Prototyping using Volumetric Meshes (TVCG). Robert Schmidtke, Kenny Erleben.
  • HairControl: A Tracking Solution for Directable Hair Simulation. Antoine Milliez, Robert Sumner, Markus Gross, Bernhard Thomaszewski.
  • FTP-SC: Fuzzy Topology Preserving Stroke Correspondence. Yang Wenwu, Hock-Soon Seah, Quan Chen, Hong Ze Liew, Daniel Sýkora.

Session 5 (Thu. 12th, 15:30-17:00): Elastic Objects

Session Chair: Matthias Muller

  • Cosserat Rods with Projective Dynamics. Carlota Soler, Tobias Martin, Olga Sorkine-Hornung.
  • Fast Corotated FEM using Operator Splitting. Tassilo Kugelstadt, Dan Koschier, Jan Bender.
  • Strain Rate Dissipation for Elastic Deformations. Rosa Sánchez-Banderas, Miguel A. Otaduy.

Session 6 (Fri. 13th, 9:00-10:30): Fluids with Particles

Session Chair: Jan Bender

  • Liquid Splash Modeling with Neural Networks. Kiwon Um, Xiangyu Hu, Nils Thuerey.
  • MPM simulation of interactive and reactive fluids and solids. Xiao Yan, Chenfeng Li, Xiaosong Chen, Shi-Min Hu.
  • A Temporally Adaptive Material Point Method with Regional Time Stepping. Yu Fang, Yuanming Hu, Shi-Min Hu, Chenfanfu Jiang.
  • Real-time High-fidelity Surface Flow Simulation (TVCG). Bo Ben, Tailing Yuan, Chenfeng Li, Kun Xu, Shi-Min Hu.


  • Capturing Floor Exercise from Multiple Panning-Zooming Cameras. D. Kobayashi, M. Yamamoto.
  • Latent Motion Manifold with Sequential Auto-Encoders. Deok-Kyeong Jang, Sung-Hee Lee.
  • Dilated Temporal Fully-Convolutional Network for Semantic Segmentation of Motion Capture Data. Noshaba Cheema, Somayeh Hosseini, Janis Sprenger, Erik Herrmann, Han Du, Klaus Fischer
  • Local Models for Data Driven Inverse Kinematics of Soft Robots. F. Holsten, S. Darkner, M. P. Engell-Nørregård, K. Erleben
  • VR Kino+Theater. L. Velho, L. Carvalho, D. Lucio.
  • Viewpoint Selection for Liquid Animations. Chihiro Suzuki, Takashi Kanai.
  • Untangling Layered Garments : An Implicit Approach. Thomas Buffet, Damien Rohmer, Marie-Paule Cani.

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